Heat Waves Effecting Sugar Levels

Today is day 5 of the heat wave (and my sugar levels are harder than ever to control!)Hot Temperatures Effecting Blood Sugar Levels
It is currently about 98 degrees here in New York. Humidity is also up. It’s just hot and humid in the entire tri-state area.

I am not one to normally complain about the heat, because I really do love it! But when my blood sugar levels are being effected, there is reason to complain.

This morning my blood sugar level was great (unusual because I tend to be low in the morning). I had nothing to complain about. I left to go to work, and boy has it heated up quick! Around lunchtime, I thought I was low. I checked my blood sugar level because I was feeling weak and shaky. Turns out my blood sugar was in the low 200s. Oh wow, I better correct that!

My blood sugar levels have not really come down. I’ve been between 150-200 mg/dL all day. I hope this is all due to the heat, and not something else.

Now that I am getting ready to head home, I am in the mood for some ice cream… Thankfully I have some sugar-free at home!

Diabetes on Pinterest

I love Pinterest, and have more recently been following a lot of boards that pertain to diabetes. I actually created a board of my own called I am a Type 1 Diabetic  and I have gotten a lot of followers on it.

Today was the first day I got depressed/upset instead of inspired with Pinterest. I saw this pin:

Pinterest for Diabetes

Clearly, you can see my response on it… but how does this make you feel? I have looked into getting a pancreas transplant years ago, and I thought it was very dangerous and illegal in the United States. From what I am reading today, it seems that maybe that has changed. Most of the pancreas transplants that are done are also done with a kidney transplant. Read why here.

I guess I flipped out at first because I am jealous that Sabrina can now live a diabetes-free lifestyle (only because her kidneys started to fail too). In all reality, I am happy that I am healthy enough to not need a major surgery to live. There seems to be many complications due to having a pancreas transplant, and many can be fatal. I was hoping that this could be a cure for all of us struggling out there, but at this point in time, it’s still just a hope that one day we will have a cure.

Hiding Your Diabetes?

I find it interesting when other diabetic people say that they are out in public that they run to the bathroom to check their blood sugar levels! How many people really do that? I think its unsanitary to go to the public bathroom to check your blood sugar level, let alone give yourself a shot!

I have lots of friends who are type 1 diabetics, and when we are out as a group, none of them run away to do their business. I’m not sure if it is because everyone we are with knows that they are diabetics (or is one themselves), or if they simply don’t hide it like me.

Personally, I am very open when it comes to discussing diabetes and how it has effected me. So if people question how I deal with it, I show them my insulin pump and explain how the little tube is always inside of me and constantly giving me insulin. It’s that simple and they understand.

Yesterday, I met with a new co-worker. I talked about how I am active with the research foundation JDRF and finding a cure for diabetes. Of course, her first question was “Are you a diabetic?” Yes… I am. Then the conversation moved to her friend of a friend who is a diabetic and gives himself shots. I asked how old he was when diagnosed, and it turned out that he must be a type 2.

She was under the impression that ALL DIABETICS made some sort of insulin, but not enough for the body to handle all the food one ate.  Nope, type 2s are the lucky ones. I explained that I have an insulin pump, and don’t have to give myself shots on a regular basis anymore. She thought it was a brand new alternative to shots, and I explained how I have had my OmniPod insulin pump since 2006. I don’t think that is new! I wish I didn’t have to live with this for the rest of my life, but I do, and I deal with it the best that I can.

So I guess my question is… Do you hide your diabetes? Do you go to the bathroom when you are out to test yourself or give yourself insulin? Do you wear an insulin pump? Has the pump made it easier for you to feel comfortable with displaying your test kit in public?

The Highs and Lows

Yesterday was a rough day for me being a diabetic. There were highs, and lows, and almost no “in-betweens.”

It was a hot summer day, hot, sticky, muggy, “I can’t breathe,” kinda day here in New York.

I was woken up at 6:30am by my fiancé, telling my to check my blood sugar level. 87mg/dL — cool beans (I was perfect and could sleep in — YAY!) Well, not for too long. 8:30am rolls around, he calls me from work to make sure I check my blood sugar again. I had dropped down to 45mg/dL. Yikes, time to get outta bed, eat breakfast and start my day.

I needed to wash my car, and left that as my only goal for the day. I started around 9:30am. I needed a break. I kept taking breaks. I finally finished at 1:30pm. Long few hours, long sweaty hours, and I needed to eat something, and quick, before I passed out. I could feel I was low, but just grabbed food without checking my blood sugar. By the time I did check, 218mg/dL. Ugh…

After then, I had to give myself some insulin before going out. I went to meet my dad and grandma who wanted to see me try on some wedding dresses. I was excited, but I didn’t want to be there all night again! I threw on the first dress.. oh sh*t! Another pod got ripped off! It must be because of sweating all day and my tape getting loose :/

I had to get through at least some of these dresses with the fam. I was thirsty, I must have been high. Ok, last dress then I need to check my blood sugar level. 448mg/dL. YIKES!! Time for a shot.

I ended up going out to dinner, giving yet another insulin shot. When I got home after this crazy up and down day, I was exhausted! I went to put on a new pod and checked my sugar level. 99mg/dL. Oh thank goodness, it went down. Now to set an alarm to do a midnight check.

Low, of course. Low at 2am too. Low in the morning too. I think I gave myself too much insulin at dinner. But what a 24 hour rollercoaster ride!

The Highs and Lows of Diabetes