Over-Treating a Low

Yesterday I was running around at work, hadn’t eaten much lunch, and of course my blood sugar level dropped. I checked before leaving work, and knew I needed to get something to eat — stat!

Over-Treating a Low Blood Sugar LevelIt was a nice day, and I knew I could get something with sugar, so I decided on a milkshake! Yum… sometimes it just feels oh-so-good to indulge in those things you know you normally can’t have. I also ordered a sandwich and some french fries to eat as my dinner.

Of course in the midst of all of this, I had to run to class. I had already worked later then normal, and low blood sugars make me run in a slower motion. I had my milkshake, and my blood sugar had gone up a little bit. I gave myself insulin for my sandwich and french fries, then went to class.

On break, I was feeling very thirsty and had to pee. My teacher only gives us a 5 minute break, so I ran to the bathroom, ran to the vending machine, and booked it back into class. I figured I was probably running on the high side, so I bolused a little bit more insulin while he was talking again. Just an FYI for all of those who are no longer in school, or don’t really have to be quiet work environment, it is very annoying to try and check your sugar level, and bolus, when only one person is speaking. I swear the entire class looks at me every time like “what the hell is she doing, put away your big cell phone device. Make it stop beeping!”

At the end, I had to pee yet again (maybe because I chugged a bottle of water during the second half of class). I decided to stop for a minute to check my blood sugar… 350mg/dL. Ugh.. no wonder!

I hate it when I over treat a low blood sugar. It tends to bite me in the butt afterwards, but feels so good in that moment. Everyone deserves to eat something they “shouldn’t” once in a while. The consequences are not always that nice though.

Relationships & Diabetes.. Who is Negatively Effected?

I just read an article about how type 1 diabetes negatively effects your intimate relationship! (Click here to read what article I am talking about.)

“Type 1 diabetes negatively impacts patients and their partners.”

Diabetes & Relationships. Who is effected?
My lovely boyfriend and I. Clearly, he cares for me, will be there and stand there for me, and loves me. Who’s relationship seems to be negatively effected by diabetes? Hopefully not mine.


In my opinion, diabetes does effect your relationship. I am fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who is not only interested in learning about diabetes, but he also understands how hard it is to manage it. He is always the one to push me to test my blood sugar level before leaving for work, and makes sure I do so before we have dinner and go to bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not incompetent. I know I need to check my sugar level numerous times throughout the day, but sometimes my stomach is rumbling and I just want to grab something to eat quickly and make it to stop! Forgetting to check my blood sugar level just happens.

The article just gave me an eerie feeling inside. Diabetes can cause a strain on a relationship because it doesn’t get talked about openly, and it therefore becomes a source of arguments or resentments. It somewhat scared me into wanting to check my blood sugar level more often, dealing with a higher a1C, and keeping my boyfriend happy. I’ve had issues with past partners and helping me to cope with diabetes. They often got fed up, annoyed, and eventually left.

The article made me have this bad feeling inside, and thoughts ran around my head that he might leave me too.  Who the hell writes an article to make the person reading it feel dis-empowered? Apparently Cynthia Price of datingadvice.com thought it was a wonderful idea. Pshh… why do young people always think they give the best advice when it comes to relationships?

Anyways, I have come over my fear. I think this article is pure bologna. Yes, if you do not have a strong relationship to begin with, you can blame your relationship falling apart because of type 1 diabetes. If you don’t manage your diabetes properly, you can blame your relationship falling apart because of type 1 diabetes. But do not name your article “Type 1 Diabetes Negatively Affects Relationships, Study Shows” and then later state that “groups felt diabetes strongly impacted their lives and their relationship in both positive and negative ways.”

I am glad to not have been selected for this group of research. Diabetes has effected my relationship in many ways, some negative and some positive, but the positive always outweighs the negative. I see the glass as half full, not half empty.


Stress & Diabetes

If you haven’t realized, I haven’t been posting on my lovely little blog too often lately. Why is that you might ask? Well I am currently in the last few weeks of my senior year of college, and I am stressing out about how much work I have to accomplish!

I know what your thinking, why is she talking about this crap on a diabetes blog? Why should I care about what stresses she is going through? I’ve got my own! Well, stress does play a big part in controlling blood sugar levels.

stress_diabetesStress and diabetes do go hand in hand. Being overly stress can have you blood sugars go all out of whack. Lately, I have been waking up with lots of higher numbers in the morning. Is it because I am dreaming of all the work I need to do? Is it because my body cannot relax until I walk across the stage at graduation? Probably.

According to Web MD, stress hormones (epinephrine and cortisol) and adrenaline kick in, and one of their major functions is to raise blood sugar to help boost energy when it’s needed most. Think of the fight-or-flight response. You can’t fight danger when your blood sugar is low, so it rises to help meet the challenge. Both physical and emotional stress can prompt an increase in these hormones, resulting in an increase in blood sugars.

The issue is that the body is not programmed though to take into account that people have diabetes. So if the blood sugar’s already high, here comes the stress, here comes an injury, the adrenaline shoots up, the blood sugar will shoot up even higher! So a lot of people will find out that whenever they have a very stressful event in their life, like writing final papers and preparing for graduation, their sugar will go higher and sometimes stay higher. It may take some time to figure that out, but there is a very, very clear strong connection between those two things.

In November of last year, I had a baby shower for my sister and I was coordinating the whole thing. Before the shower, before being completely set up, and before I could have a breather, family and friends started to show up! Clearly I ran around like a mad woman and got everything done. I went to grab a plate of food, tested my blood sugar, and was super high! (I’m talking like 350-400mg/dL.) I thought maybe I disconnected my insulin pump on accident or something, and of course I didn’t have a new one to put on at that moment, so I just adjusted myself by giving a shot. My blood sugar eventually went down once my nerves started to go down. It wasn’t until now, writing this blog post, that I realized how stressed I was and how my blood sugar was effected by that.

The next couple weeks are full of stress. There is just way to much going on in the month of May! Final papers and presentations, then my graduation, my nephew’s baptism, my other sister’s graduation, my baby brother’s high school graduation and then finally AHHHHHHH…. a nice relaxing vacation to Myrtle Beach. My poor a1C is going to kill me for this!

Bruised by a1C

So last week you heard me complain about how much it unusually hurt when I got my blood drawn for the a1C. Well, no freaking wonder! Look what it has turned to now?!

Bruised by having blood drawn for my a1C test. It really sucks being a type 1 diabetic! Its spring, I'd like to wear some short sleeves.

Yes, today is just a day of complaints. It is absolutely gorgeous outside, and I’m stuck in the office looking out the window at it. I decided to wear a short-sleeved shirt this morning, but now am regretting it because of this huge freaking bruise on my arm! The worst part about it, I didn’t realise how bad it had gotten until I took off my coat at work this morning.

Even my boss had mentioned something to me, joking about being attacked by my boyfriend. No, I was attacked by the blood drawing lady!

Does anyone else have issues when getting their blood taken? This is the first time I’ve bruised up really bad from having it drawn, so I am new to this whole thing.

Any ideas on how to get bruises to go away quickly? It’s going to be a lovely few spring days, and I’m dying to wear some short sleeves!

Lucky Number 36

The last two mornings, I have woken up with a blood sugar level of 36mg/dL! Scary, yes I know! But, at least I woke up.

Was just thinking I should probably play that number in the lottery or something, because how often do you have the exact same number two days in a row? Rarely.

lucky36I am just going to follow the orders of my endocrinologist and continue to change my pump settings where I feel they need to be. If you look at these numbers ———–>
you will notice that I was perfect at 1:30am. PERFECT! I woke up, got out of bed and drank a glass of juice — simply because I had a funny feeling my blood sugar level was going to drop. And boy did it!

Lovely “Lucky” Number 36… You are going to kill me one day! I need to go buy a lotto ticket.

The a1C Results Are In!

Yesterday was a hectic day, but I did have the time to run to my Endocrinogist appointment, and I wasn’t yelled at! Phew, that is always a good feeling that I am doing something right! (Well not right, but good enough).

Our discussion went very well, and he said that he is going to work with me directly to get my blood sugars under better control…. but I need to test, test and test some more! Of course he would say that, but it does make sence too. My last a1C was a 8.9 back in November of 2012. That was higher compared to the previous one, but not worse than I have ever been. He figured I would be running about the same a1C, so he just said to work on it… especially if I plan on having kids!

Woah, where did that come from?! Yes, my thoughts exactly!

I guess I am at that point in my life (I’m 24) where people are accepting of someone having a kid, and not really surprised if…. oooppss… it happens. Well he made it very clear to me that I need to continue on my BC pills, and be extremely careful of not having a kid right now. He also stated that I should get my a1C down to a 7 before I can think about it. Then he said “one day, we will have the talk about your diabetes and getting pregnant.” Phew, he isn’t pushing me to get my a1C down just so I can have a kid. I’m not ready for all of that right now anyway.

a1c_bruised_armThen he sent me on my merry little way to get my blood drawn. Ouch did it hurt! And I was all bruised up afterwards. (I hate hate hate getting blood drawn, and I certainly can’t look or I will pass out!)

Later last night I got an email from my doctor. He said just remember to test, and attached were my results! Woa, that was quick! My a1C is better, a 8.1, but still not good enough.

It takes a lot of work to have, and maintain, the perfect a1C level. I hope the non-diabetics out there can understand that. I will now be testing 8+ times per day, and trying to stay in tighter control of my blood sugar levels. Maybe I can make myself, my boyfriend and of course my doctor proud of me!

YAY! A Slimmer OmniPod!

I was talking with a diabetic friend of mine today. She is looking into getting back on the pump, and had some questions for me regarding the OmniPod.

First off, there seems to be a false idea that pods fail very often. Yes, I have had my fair share of pods that have failed, but that also seemed to happen when I first began using the OmniPod. Failures happen when blood or insult gets into the cannula inside the pod, creating it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp! (It’s really quite annoying!) You will no longer be able to get insulin, and are immediately forced to change the pod to continue to get insulin. I haven’t had a pod fail on me in a good 2 years.

A few years ago, I actually received an entire box of failure pods! My first failed, then I replaced it and the second failed within a couple of minutes of wearing it. I put on a third pod, wore it for a day and it failed too. I called Insulet each time I had a failure, and they seemed to think it could have been the entire box (maybe because of something when it was shipped). They sent me a new box of pods, free of charge, and I sent them the box of remaining, unused pods. Stuff like that rarely happens, but it was nice to see that they would take care of it all for me. Sending them back to the manufacture also helps the makers understand what they need to fix in newer versions of the pods.

New Version of OmniPod PDM and slimmer pods!She also asked me if I have received the new, slimmer pods…. which I have not yet. I had to call Insulet Corp (makers of Omnipod) in order to find out directly what is going on, and when I can get them! The rep I spoke to was very nice, and seemed very excited to hear about me questioning the new pod. Apparently, this past December is when the FDA approved the new design of the OmniPod, and since then, they have been working on manufacturing the new product. They have to make all new PDM’s to go along with the pods as well, and offering it all to current OmniPod users for FREE!! Yay!

Well clearly I am excited about the switch over and cannot wait til I get a smaller pod. Not that I feel like the one I have now is bad, but smaller clunky things under my clothing is always a better thing. My next 3-month shipment will be sent out at the end of this month, and will still be the old version of the pods unfortunately. Insult is hoping that within the next few months they will ship out the new PDM and the new slimmer pods. I will be sure to tell you about the new pods once I receive them!

Does $1 Make a Difference?

I am sure I am not the only one out there who hates the people who beg for money… especially when they say that money is going towards _Blah, Blah, Blah___! Who cares, they are all the same, right?

Trust me I do understand, but I do understand the other side as well. Charities do NOT raise money for the same reason. I work very closely with JDRF to help find a cure for Type 1 (Juvinile) Diabetes, because it is a very near and dear part of my personal life. Why do other people ask for money to help “find a cure?” Because we need a cure. Because we want to be healthy. Because we want to make our life easier. Because we need your help.

$1 can make a huge difference in the lives of all type 1 diabetics, and a cure is becoming closer.

$1 Donation Makes A HUGE Difference in the lives of those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes

Did you know that JDRF funds a major portion of all type 1 diabetes research worldwide? That’s more than any other charity! In fact, JDRF funding and leadership is associated with most major scientific breakthroughs in type 1 diabetes research to date, and a cure for type 1 diabetes is within reach. This is why I am asking for your help and support. Your donation to JDRF  is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to look at my walk website, and see how close I am to reaching my goal, click here.

Do you walk for a cure with JDRF? How long have you been doing so? I am curious to see if I am one of the few loonies out there! Haha

Thank You JDRF

I don’t walk with JDRF each year because I am making money for myself. I walk to help other type 1 diabetics find their way in life, and help them to understand it is important not to be ashamed of who you are, or what you have been dealt with in life.

In October of 2012, my team Calla’s Crusaders walked with the Westchester JDRF Chapter. We did an amazing job and raised an enormous amount of money for how small the team actually was. I have to say that walk was probably one of the best ones yet, in the last 12 years we have been walking.

I would like to thank everyone for making it so great… and an especially big thank you to the staff at JDRF themselves! Normally, I would opt out of the prize catalog, mostly because they tend to be small, almost useless prizes. I would rather JDRF not spend the money, and have it go back to JDRF and further help them in finding a cure.

This year, I have changed my mind. The prize catalog had some great items! One being a home theater system — that me and my boyfriend have been debating on buying anyway. I’ve received a lot of confirmation emails, and the package finally arrived today! Thank you JDRF for allowing me to participate Because I raised money for JDRFin the walk last year, and acknowledging all the effort me and my team have put into making the walk a success.

Hey who knows, maybe our team can double the efforts for 2013. 

Please Click here to make a donation!

A “ha-ha” Low Blood Sugar

I found this image on Diabetes Daily today, and it certainly made me laugh. Well, I laughed because I’ve got a funny story behind it.

Last year, my boyfriend and I were in Orlando, Fl. It was our second day there, but first time waking up in our hotel room. I could feel that I had low blood sugar, but ignored it because I NEEDED some coffee first! So I headed to our kitchen area, filled the coffee pot with water and coffee, turned it on and walked away to check my blood sugar level.

I don’t remember what the number was, but it was severely low… I want to say under 50 mg/dL. I don’t exactly know how I was walking around and “thinking” clearly. I grabbed something to eat, and walked back to get my coffee. Weird, nothing was in the pot — maybe I forgot to turn it on? Push the button again.

By this point, we wanted to get up, go get some real breakfast and start our vacation! I couldn’t wait any longer for the damn coffee, so I jumped in the shower. About 2 minutes later, I hear my boyfriend scrambling around…. Half naked, dripping wet and covered in soap, I walked out into the room.

Apparently the coffee maker didn’t make it. It was turned on its side smoking. I wondered why.

Apparently, I had put the water where the coffee should go, and the coffee where the water should go! Ooops… with low blood sugars you have to try harder to feel like you are thinking clearly, even though sometimes even that doesn’t work! The poor coffee pot was cleaned out, and put back into place, but I never used it again. I just ordered coffee for the rest of the trip.