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A Look Into the Future…

Blogs tend to morph over time, as interests shifts and life happens: Ebb and Flow. With the New Year upon us, I would like to reflect back to when I started this little blog, how it has morphed into this tiny little community, and hopes for readers three years into the future. Who are they,… Continue reading A Look Into the Future…

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The Artificial Pancreas

“Where is the money I am donating to you for JDRF going to?” is a question that I am asked all too frequently. My friends, family and supporters are always interested to know what is on the cutting edge, and where their donations are going to. My answer for a the last few years has… Continue reading The Artificial Pancreas

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Why Won’t it Stick? #DiabeticProbs

If your a Type 1 Diabetic and have a insulin pump or CGM (continuous glucose monitor) with adhesive that sticks to your skin, then this blog post is perfect for you! About 3 years ago I started using the Dexcom CGM. I would wear a sensor for about 3 days and it would then become… Continue reading Why Won’t it Stick? #DiabeticProbs

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Recent Diabetes Study Shows Promising Results in Mice

Recent Diabetes Study Shows Promising Results in Mice, But May Still Be Years Away from Human Trials This week the diabetes news outlets and a number of mainstream ones carried stories about a research breakthrough that would make a cure for type 1 diabetes imminent.  These stories followed an article published in two academic journals… Continue reading Recent Diabetes Study Shows Promising Results in Mice

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Without Diabetes?

I came across Rachel’s post not to long ago where she asks herself “Who would I be without Type One Diabetes?” I had to stop reading and think about my answer. I have no idea who I would be without diabetes. I would be a boring ol’ person dealing with the same shit going on as… Continue reading Without Diabetes?

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Artificial Pancreas

As a very big JDRF supporter, I am extremely happy to share some JDRF insider news on their work of creating an artificial pancreas, another huge step in making the lives of type 1 diabetics much easier. Click here if you would like to make a donation to support JDRF. JDRF-Funded AP Technology Receives $12.7… Continue reading Artificial Pancreas